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Home staging is the art of preparing a home for sale by appealing to the largest number of buyers as possible. Effective home staging looks effortless but in fact, takes thought, time and precision. Many buyers are not able to imagine effective use of space and as a result, may not realize how perfect your home is for them!

My staging services include:

1. Assessment - I will tour your home from a buyer's perspective and pinpoint areas that need repair, improvement or refining.

2. De-Cluttering and De-personalizing - With an objective eye, I will guide you as you de-clutter and de-personalize your home so that buyers can envision the space as their own.  If your home is too specific in taste or style it may not appeal to as many buyers as it could be. More buyers means more dollars for you!

3. Repairs and Updates - Minor repairs and improvements that can be achieved economically will be advised. This may include a fresh coat of paint, patching damage on the walls or caulking the trim. Updates can be as simple as changing the knobs on your cabinets and swapping the porch light.

4. Deep Cleaning - Your home will be given a deep cleaning. Visible dirt and grime can leave a strong lasting impression on the buyer despite how well its decorated. I want it to shine like the gem that it is!

5. Furnishing and Decor - Each room and space will be staged to maximize its potential and appeal to the most buyers.

6. Photography - Once complete, I will have professional photographs taken of your property. These photos are critical as buyers will undoubtedly view them over and over again as they comtemplate purchasing your home. You want them to fall in love with your home a little bit more each and every time they replay your slideshow.